Lesson One – Archeology Is about People

Dr. Carol Colannino teaching 4-H youth to excavate.

Dr. Carol Colannino teaching 4-H youth to excavate.

Archeology is the study of the human past through the objects that people made and left behind. This lesson provides the foundation for the exploration of Native American foodways. Students learn how to define archeology and dispel popular misconceptions about it. They also gain an understanding of the importance of context and chronology in archeology.


We have included the educator and student materials from the Gathering, Gardening, and Agriculture curriculum here to help make teaching easier. The activity sheets can be easily downloaded and photocopied. The PowerPoint includes all of the materials that may need to be projected while teaching this lesson. To request a copy of the curriculum, contact Nancy Smith at nms011@uark.edu or (479) 575-3556.


Educator Materials

A Brief Timeline of Life on Earth                                      

Telling Time with Telephones

A Spear Point and Answer Key

Context Is Everything – Answer Key

Cultural Periods in Arkansas                                           

Lesson One – PowerPoint


Student Materials

Context Is Everything

Key Terms Log


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