Landscape view of a large earthen mound surrounded by trees on an overcast spring day
The Arkansas Archeological Survey (ARAS) invites applications for a permanent, full-time position as Research Station Archeologist based at Parkin Archeological State Park located in Parkin, AR, near Memphis, TN and the growing city of Jonesboro, AR. The station archeologist will develop an active research program in the designated station area, conduct research individually and in collaboration with other ARAS archeologists, publish the results of scholarship in refereed venues, and obtain external funding to support research endeavors. Research station archeologists located at parks or research institutes contribute to host institution programs and activities. At Parkin Archeological State Park this may include updating museum exhibits and creating temporary exhibits for special events. The site of Parkin was likely a stop for the deSoto expedition in 1541, and research opportunities for pre-contact and early contact periods abound at the site and the surrounding region. The station archeologist provides support to the Arkansas Archeological Society, including participation in local chapter activities and the annual Training Program in Archeology. Society members are enthusiastic, many are highly trained, and are actively engaged in advancing Survey research programs in NE Arkansas. In addition, the station archeologist provides technical support and advice to federal, state, and local agencies, descendant communities, and members of the public as requested. Routine station operations include maintenance of site and project records and collections for the area, updating existing site file information and recording new sites in the state database, and supervising one station assistant.
Minimum Qualifications
  • PhD or equivalent in anthropology, archeology, or a closely related field
  • Field and research experience in North America east of the Rocky Mountains
  • Experience teaching at college/university level (TA experience included)
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience in the archeology of the North American Southeast or Midwest
  • Experience/success in acquiring external funding in support of research
  • Experience in public archeology
  • Experience in working with avocational archeologists, descendant communities, and local, state, and federal agency officials
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA)
  • Knowledge of North American archeology east of the Rocky Mountains with preferred specialization in the North American Southeast or Midwest
  • Skill in archeological field and lab methods, preparation of publications and grant proposals, working on collaborative projects involving organizational team members, and completing assignments in a timely manner.
  • Ability to provide teaching and related service to the ARAS research station host institutions; to the Arkansas Archeological Society and interested members of the general public; and to municipal, state, federal agency, and descendant community stakeholders.


Public Archeology 20%
  • engagement with amateur societies and chapters of the Arkansas Archeological Society
  • public education and K-12 outreach activities in archeology
  • outreach to landowners, community organizations, descendant communities, and other non-professional entities that manage or affect archeological resources
  • advocacy for the conservation of archaeological and heritage resources
Higher Education and Service to Host Institution 20%
  • ARAS-contracted postsecondary classroom
  • assigned activities from park, campus or institute leadership
  • student advising and academic committee service
  • other host institution support activities
ARAS Records, Data and Collections Work 20%
  • record new sites and update existing site file information
  • maintenance of site and project records
  • care, inventory, digitization and rehabilitation of collections
  • manage station operation and records; supervise research station assistant
Research and Scholarly Activity 20%
  • develop and maintain creative research and scholarly activity in research station area
  • participate in collaborative research activities with other ARAS colleagues
  • publish research results in peer-reviewed venues
  • acquire external funding in support of research and creative activity
Preservation and Professional Service 20%
  • work and consultation with municipal, state, tribal and federal agencies regarding archeological sites and heritage
  • consultation regarding the preservation and management of specific sites and resources
  • service to and engagement with professional societies, including committee service and leadership
  • committee and internal service to ARAS
$48,450.00 USD Annual


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The Arkansas Archeological Survey is an independent unit of the University of Arkansas System. The University of Arkansas is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. The university welcomes applications without regard to age, race/color, gender (including pregnancy), national origin, disability, religion, marital or parental status, protected veteran status, military service, genetic information, sexual orientation or gender identity. Persons must have proof of legal authority to work in the United States on the first day of employment. All applicant information is subject to public disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.