Figure 3.10 Adzes and Adze Preforms

Numbers are the catalog numbers keyed to tables in the book.

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74-107-41b 74-107-41b 74-107-41base 74-107-41base 74-107-41edges 74-107-41edges 74-107-236base 74-107-236base 74-107-236edges 74-107-236edges 74-107-272b 74-107-272b 74-107-272 74-107-272 74-107-272edges 74-107-272edges 74-107-272base 74-107-272base 74-107-280 74-107-280 74-107-280b 74-107-280b 74-107-280edges 74-107-280edges 74-107-281 74-107-281 74-107-281b 74-107-281b 74-107-296 base 74-107-296 base 74-107-296 edges 74-107-296 edges 74-107-296 74-107-296 74-107-315 74-107-315 74-107-315b 74-107-315b 74-107-315base 74-107-315base 74-107-315edges 74-107-315edges 74-107-354 74-107-354 74-107-354b 74-107-354b 74-107-354base 74-107-354base 74-107-354edges 74-107-354edges 74-107-427 74-107-427 74-107-427b 74-107-427b 74-107-427base 74-107-427base 74-107-427edges 74-107-427edges 74-107-485 74-107-485 74-107-485b 74-107-485b 74-107-485base 74-107-485base 74-107-485edges 74-107-485edges 74-107-487 74-107-487 74-107-487b 74-107-487b 74-107-487base 74-107-487base 74-107-487edges 74-107-487edges 74-107-41 74-107-41