Visit a Shelter

Would you like to go visit a shelter in person after reading about them? While many bluff shelters in the Ozarks are on private land and unavailable for you to visit, there are several shelters in parks or other publicly accessible areas that you can go see. Here are descriptions of a few shelters with…

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If you would like to read more about bluff shelters and the archeology of Arkansas, here are some links to other Arkansas Archeological Survey web sites as well as a bibliography of printed resources that you can look for in libraries. This list of references is divided by subject and is by no means exhaustive.…

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Find Your Archeologist

Find Your Archeologist Did you know that if you live in Arkansas you have a local archeologist to answer your questions? The Arkansas Archeological Survey has 10 research stations around the state with archeologists who teach, conduct research, and do public programs about archeology. Find the one near you. Visit the Arkansas Archeological Survey’s web…

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Bluff Shelter News

Take a look at current bluff shelter research going on in and around the Arkansas Ozarks. Find out where we will be giving talks, what sites we are visiting and what new discoveries we have made using the archives and artifacts collected by archeologists over the last 100 years.

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