5th Grade Archeology Curriculum

Because bluff shelters do a remarkable job of preserving plant remains, they are an amazing repository of information about Native American foodways in the past. The authors of Gathering, Gardening, and Agriculture use food, a basic human need, as an entry point to teach students about pre-Columbian Arkansas and the people who lived here. This 5th grade social studies curriculum aligns with the Arkansas Department of Education’s social studies framework and includes materials that fit with common Core State Standards for English language learning. Materials and background for this week-long series of lesson plans are available on the Gathering, Gardening, and Agriculture website. If you are a 5th grade teacher, or know one who might be interested, check this out!

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Rock Art in Arkansas

Rock art often appears in Ozark bluff shelters, but it also occurs in other locations in the state. Want to learn more about rock art in Arkansas? Check out the Arkansas Archeological Survey’s rock art web site. This site includes a searchable database of rock art in the state as well as in depth interpretations of the most fascinating examples. For those looking to learn more, the site includes full length articles that put rock art in context in. It’s is a great resource for teachers and includes lesson plans designed to be used with the photos and information on the site.