Fish or Bird Effigy Bowl


Engraved Effigy Bowl

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Triangular Bowl

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Bird Effigy Rattle Bowl

Human Effigy Bottle. Incised/engraved/appliqued bottle, shell- and grog-tempered pottery. Caddo (historic), 1600-1700 Upper Tisdale site (3HS98). Hodges 77-1 / 21-136.

Human Effigy Bottle

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Container (possibly a sound maker)

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"Tail-rider" Effigy Bottle

Fish Effigy Bowl. Appliqued/modeled bowl, shell- and grog-tempered pottery. Caddo (historic), 1500-1700. Provenience unknown. Hodges 77-1 / X-32.

Fish Effigy Bowl

Short-stemmed loop pipe



Bird Effigy Bowl

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Keno Trailed Bottle

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Deer Effigy Bowl

Turtle Effigy Bottle. Engraved/appliqued/punctated bottle, shell-tempered pottery, red pigment; Caddo (historic), 1400-1500; Provenience unknown; Hodges 77-1 / X-187.

Turtle Effigy Bottle


"Teapot" Effigy Bottle