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Engraved Effigy Bowl

Engraved bowl with broken tab handle, shell- and grog-tempered pottery
Caddo (historic), 1400-1600
Freeman Farm (3CL40)
Hodges 77-1 / 14-49

It looks like something broke off! This effigy bowl had two handles at the rim but is missing one that was probably shaped into an animal head. You can see where it was attached or appliqued onto the bowl. Also visible at the break are bits of mussel shell and grog (crushed potsherds) used to temper the clay.


Now take a look at the engraved “ticked” or “spurred” lines decorating the rim of the bowl. Notice how they dip under the tab handles, being added after the tabs were applied to the vessel. You may also see some areas of the vessel that appear to have patches of lighter or darker colors called “fire clouding.” How to you think that happened?


You can read more about how the Caddo made pottery in the past at this “Texas Beyond History” page.

3D model created by Teka McGlothlin, Sarah Shepard, and Madelyn Rose, text by Jason Wilhelmi, photographs by Jeffrey Gaskin and DeLainey Brown.