An archeolete throwing a spear using an atlatl.
We are gearing up for another year of ArcheOlympics! Anyone with an interest in archeology (besides professional archeologists) can form a team of 4—6 people to compete in 3 archeology themed events. The games will once again be held at our WRI Research Station on Petit Jean Mountain. This year’s event will be October 14, 2023 from 10am—3pm. The games will consist of archeological trivia, atlatl spear- throwing, and an excavation to curation obstacle course. So as not to give any team a leg up, we’ll be slightly changing the obstacle course and trivia game this year to keep things exciting. In addition to the competition, this year the Arkansas Archeological Society is providing lunch for all participants, coaches, and judges. We hope this will give everyone a chance to hang out and make some new archeology friends and professional contacts during the day.
The rulebook and online registration are now available! We hope to see you at ArcheOlympics 2023, whether on a team or as a coach or game judge. Please reach out to Michelle (mmrathga@uark.edu) if you are a professional archeologist who would like to help run the games!

Past Winners List:
2022: Razor-Facts UAF
2021: UCA