AMASDA (Automated Management of Archeological Site Data in Arkansas) is now available online.
AMASDA Online is a collection of relational databases allowing users to query archeological site locations, archeological project locations, National Register status, and other information along with supporting documentation. Site files and projects are also linked to the Survey’s GIS system. Information retrieved from these databases can be exported to other GIS software programs.
AMASDA presently contains several operational databases. The SITE FILES database contains approximately 150 information fields on more than 50,000 archeological sites. The PROJECTS database has information on over 8000 archeological projects. The CITATIONS database summarizes more than 10,200 archeological reports from Arkansas and about 2,000 regional reports. The RADIOCARBON database contains information on more than 700 radiometric assays on archeological specimens from Arkansas. Also included are SITE FORM IMAGES, a database of scanned archeological site forms. Original site forms contain information (in the form of maps and drawings, narrative comments, etc.) not encoded within the SITE FILES database, but which nonetheless furnish important data for planning and research applications. A STUDY UNIT contains information on archeological study units (time periods, cultural phases, etc.) described in A State Plan for the Conservation of Archeological Resources in Arkansas; these study units are also used in the “cultural affiliation” field in the SITE FILES database. Study units provide the cultural context for evaluating site significance both for research and for planning and environmental review purposes.
Please read the Procedures for Access and complete the Access to Records form.


Fee schedule (approved by the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas, May 2015) for online access by private, for-profit contract projects.
$50.00 per project
$1200 for annual subscription
(Accepted method of payment are credit or debit card.)
Each request for a project must be accompanied by an Access to Records form. Please make sure the form is complete including the counties and quads you will be using for your archeological site review.
Access to AMASDA for each project will be granted for 7 consecutive days.
  1. Request login to AMASDA at:
  2. Fill out Access to Records and submit
  3. You will be notified if you have been approved for access and your username will be activated.
  4. Once approved, log in to and download the instructions for both the text and geographic interfaces.
Requests for access will be reviewed each working day between the hours of 8 to 11am (Central Standard Time). Please note the Arkansas Archeological Survey has the same holiday and inclement weather days as the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Arkansas. Special requests for site or project data will be considered on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the availability of staff, time, and resources.
There will be times that AMASDA is offline for routine maintenance and updates. This information will be tweeted (@ArkArcheoSurvey) on our homepage. Unannounced system restarts may be necessary for stability purposes but should last no more than 10 minutes. The system also relies on the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville’s internet connection. Therefore, in the event that the campus’ internet is down, the system will be unavailable.
Please direct questions to Registrar Sarah Shepard, 479-575-6552.

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