The Survey is the central repository for archeological collections in Arkansas. Each regional office has collections from its geographic area of responsibility, and the central curation facility is situated at the Survey’s Coordinating Office in Fayetteville. These artifacts are used for research, for displays, and for educational activities, and they are maintained as a permanent archive of Arkansas history.
We are always interested in adding artifacts to our collections that contribute to research and educational activities. If residents or institutions have legally acquired collections of Arkansas artifacts that they would like to transfer to Survey custody, they should contact the local station archeologist, the Survey Registrar, or the State Archeologist to discuss a donation. A donation form is also available for download: Procedures & Guidelines for Artifact Donations.
The Survey does not appraise artifacts for their monetary value, and we do not purchase artifacts. Donors can seek appraisals from third parties, and may be able to claim tax relief from the donation.