The Arkansas Archeological Survey supports graduate students working on internship, thesis, and dissertation projects both at the Coordinating Office and at our research stations. Support is provided for assistantships paid out of our base funding and through grants or other special project funds. We also work closely with the Anthropology Department and the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas to host students who receive support through the Hester A. Davis Internship in Public Archeology and the Charles R. McGimsey III Endowment for Cultural Resource Management. Our graduate students work on a wide variety of research, preservation, and educational initiatives and thus provide valuable support for our efforts to fulfill our mission within the University of Arkansas system.


Bryce is a graduate student specializing in Northwest Arkansas cultural resources and is currently collaborating with Dr. Jessica Kowalski on a project in Cane Hill. He graduated with honors from the University of Arkansas, majoring in Anthropology, Asian Studies, and Mandarin Chinese. After four years abroad, he returned to Fayetteville for his master's degree and developed an interest in Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management. His focus is on leveraging advanced technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geospatial-focused Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and Photogrammetry. These tools aid in data collection and the creation of visual narratives in the field of Anthropology. Bryce's goal for these projects is to enhance public awareness and interest in Arkansas' cultural histories.