Bartlet Collection artifact board
One of several clay covered artifact boards received with the collection. We have removed each artifact and numbered with a unique Survey Catalog Number. Note Charles Bartlett’s catalog numbers that he labelled for each artifact denoting its site origin.

Jerry Hilliard, UAF Research Station
February 16, 2016

In 2011 Charles Bartlett, life-long member of the Arkansas Archeological Society, donated a large collection of artifacts he found on Arkansas sites in the early 1960s. Mr. Bartlett is an oil geologist who became intimately familiar with many Ozark and Arkansas River Valley Arkansas locales. He is an astute amateur archeological surveyor and meticulously recorded the sites he discovered, faithfully cataloging each and every find. The sites were recorded on state site forms; many of which are the first such site records that exist for several Arkansas counties. During those years before the existence of the Arkansas Archeological Survey, Mr. Bartlett submitted his site records to Dr. Charles R. McGimsey and Hester Davis of the University of Arkansas Museum.
Pat Corbin documenting the Charles Bartlett Collection
Pat Corbin documenting the Charles Bartlett Collection.
Over the last five years, the UA Fayetteville Research Station (UAF) has been conducting a detailed inventory and analysis of the Bartlett Collection. Various Society members have assisted in this process, including Dawn Novak, Steve Longacre and Pat Corbin. Pat alone has contributed hundreds of hours documenting this collection. Jerry Hilliard, UAF Station Assistant, has entered various data into a searchable database for over 750 artifacts. He has also completed 45 Arkansas Archeological Survey site forms specifying the artifacts that were collected and donated by Mr. Bartlett from each site. Thanks to Charles Bartlett for his generous gift of knowledge!